Always Evolving

HEATWURX® is always thriving to move a head. Our NEW product, the HWX-30S, offers better, more advanced features. Experience it for yourself.

Preserving the Road Ahead

HEATWURX® is the premier developer of eco-friendly preservation and repair equipment designed to outperform alternative methods of pavement repair. As worldwide demand for sustainability continues to increase, we are committed to providing superior solutions that reduce consumption of raw materials by re-using existing asphalt, extending the life of asphalt pavements, and decreasing the costs of recurring repairs. We are proud to lead the industry with our HEATWURX® equipment and process designed to reduce CO2 emissions, while saving both time and money.

Our Commitment to You

Our equipment is engineered to use our patent-pending asphalt preservation process that results in long-term efficiencies for municipalities, Departments of Transportation, contractors, and other agencies responsible for road preservation, maintenance and repair.